Hi, my name is Mark Rothwell, and I created the Physician’s Financial Playbook after helping my wife, Victoria, navigate life after fellowship. As a physician, you work extremely hard going through medical school, residency, and, often, fellowship. Along the way, you are matched so you do not have a lot of choice about where you get to work.


Then as you near the end of this decade of training, you are faced with many decisions beyond medicine…from navigating a job search, to protecting your income, to avoiding getting killed in taxes. I believe you need a trusted advisor who you can use as a sounding board to help talk through these decisions and establish a plan. Let us assist you with this process, so you can spend your time helping patients and with your family and friends.


Moving from residency or fellowship to practice is one of the most important junctures in your financial life. You’ve made it through all your training and you’re finally getting the pay bump you’ve been waiting for! This is a new and exciting chapter that comes with many new questions such as:

How should I prioritize my income? (Paying Down Debt, Spending, Saving, Buying a Home)

Do I have the appropriate insurance for risks I cannot self-insure today? (Disability, Life, Home/Auto/Umbrella)

What type of accounts should I be saving in?

How can I avoid getting killed in taxes?

We are here to help you address these questions and others by developing a complimentary, customized Financial Playbook—a tax-smart strategy that helps you allocate your increased income according to your personal and professional goals.

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