Since 1963, Valmark has served as an invitation-only group of independent wealth and insurance advisory firms dedicated to meeting the best interest of clients. Valmark is comprised of several in-house teams serving a variety of functions, including:


One of the industry’s largest, independent insurance-buying cooperatives for Member Firms with an estimated $42 billion of in-force life insurance and $6 billion of cash value. This combined buying power gives Members preferred access and leverage to negotiate the best arrangements on behalf of their clients.


An-house underwriting facility with a capability greater than most insurance companies, including multi-carrier underwriting expertise for jumbo cases and an Advocacy program designed to eliminate surprises and secure the most favorable offers in the marketplace.


An in-house Concierge Services team which helps take the burden of the life insurance application process off Member Firms so that they can lower their fixed overhead and amount of paperwork and instead focus on building relationships with their clients and revenue generating activities;


A Policy Management Company which exists to ensure that actual results align with a client’s expectations of their promised policy benefits. Valmark’s ongoing policy management and monitoring services give Member Firms and their clients direct access and control of each policy’s performance, using innovative technology and a dedicated team of Valmark experts. Grounded in Valmark’s 50+ years of providing sophisticated life insurance solutions, this service creates a client experience that represents a new standard of excellence within the insurance industry.

What We Do

Our purpose is to radically change the way life insurance is perceived, implemented and managed in the financial services industry.  Life insurance is typically one of the longest held financial assets anyone will ever own.  Contrarily, most professionals in the industry look at life insurance with a short-term perspective when recommending policies to clients.  By taking a “long road” approach to life insurance through a full spectrum of insurance planning products, services and solutions, we will dramatically transform how life insurance policies are designed, delivered and managed for our clients.