About Us


As a successful business owner, your business presents priorities on a daily basis that require focus and dedication that most other individuals are not able to sustain. However, it’s this same focus and dedication to your business that can prevent you from allocating resources to fully realizing the financial opportunities available to you by integrating your personal and business planning.

That’s why many entrepreneurs turn to Scott Jones Financial. We focus all of our planning around your largest asset, your business, and we use strategies available to your business to help you achieve your personal financial goals. This distinction in our approach from the standard advisor can provide many benefits to you.

Scott Jones Financial is independently owned and is not bound to any one company, product or provider. As your planning advocate, we bring together the necessary resources based on your unique needs and deliver them with objectivity and superior personal service.

We provide specialized planning for business owners, with our typical clients being owners of privately- held enterprises with $5 million–$250 million in revenue. These small- to mid-sized businesses may not realize it, but they have access to many beneficial tax and financial strategies that are typically thought to be reserved for larger corporations. Our job is to help you understand what is available. The next step is to strategize, implement and integrate the most beneficial strategies for your particular situation.